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Zeta Fraction™ Technology

Nature's Potential Unlimited

Patented Zeta Fraction™ technology is a totally fresh approach to plant derived bioactives. This incredible breakthrough uses live plants in a natural, sustainable process and delivers highly efficacious ingredients.

Zeta Fraction technology selectively isolates intracellular components from living plants and marine sources to produce a much wider range of bioactive cosmetic ingredients able to capture the powerful synergy that exists within plant cells. What’s more, instead of using external solvents as separations media, Zeta Fraction technology preserves the inherent osmotic pressure of the plant cell juice and uses it as a separations medium. Targeted fractions are mechanically and gently separated based on their electrokinetic (zeta) potential. The result is a wide range of multi-targeted benefits which are not always obtained through conventional plant extraction technology. Zeta Fraction technology has a number of advantages in delivering cosmetic care skin benefits. These include:

  • Preservation of existing activities in living plants.
  • Increased effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients.
  • Multi-targeted activities delivered with a single ingredient.
  • Elimination of contamination by residual solvents.
  • Significantly reduced deterioration of stability, color and odor.
  • Simplified formulations.
  • Increased yield and reproducibility.
  • Reproducible raw material profile.