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Dehydroxanthan Gum

CAS Number



Africa;Asia Pacific;Europe;Latin America;North America


AMAZE XT film former is an anionic polymer, supplied as an off-white powder. Multi-functional, it serves as both the fixative and the thickener/suspending agent for gels and other styling aids. AMAZE XT film former provides unprecedented hold under highly humid conditions without being tacky or flaking. It is easy to use, as it disperses quickly in water and does not require neutralization, resulting in as much as an 80% reduction in manufacturing time compared to traditional gel systems.


Bath & Shower Products; Color Cosmetic; Conditioner; Hair Gel; Self Tanner; Shampoo; Skin Cream And Lotion; Styling Product; Sun Protection


Film Former; Rheology Modifier


Tariff Code  1302390000 
Australia  Yes 
Canada  Yes 
Europe  Natural polymers, which are listed in EINECS 
DID Number  189 
USA (TSCA)  Yes 
China  Yes 

Packaging and Storage

Shelf Life  24 months 
Standard Packaging Size  150 lbs / 68 kgs 
Type of Container  Fiber Drum 
Packaging Disclaimer  Please contact your local sales office or distributor to confirm available packaging size. 
Units per pallet US 
Units per pallet Europe 



Type Name / Description Date Category
Rheology Modifiers - Thicken, stabilize and suspend 5/5/2015  Hair Care; Hair Styling; Skin Care; Sun Care 
Brochure featuring AkzoNobel's rheology modifiers and solutions for the most challenging formulations.
Male Essentials - A 6-step Approach to DAILY MAN-tenance 5/13/2014  Hair Care; Hair Styling; Skin Care 
Across the globe, more and more male consumers want a complete grooming routine, but they don’t want to spend a lot of time getting it done. Speaking to the needs of today’s man means providing personal care options that are multi-functional, high performance and convenient.
Sustainable Styling Solutions 3/6/2013  Hair Care; Hair Styling 
This presentation will show you how to bring a greener touch to your hair styling products. Based on new biopolymers that were designed with nature in mind, Sustainable Solutions for Styling provides the formulator with three new choices for creating styling products with a greener profile and real consumer appeal.
Clear. Natural. Affordable. Sustainable solutions for styling 5/15/2012  Hair Styling 
Learn how you can provide clear, natural, affordable styling products with BIOSTYLE CGP, AMAZE XT and STRUCTURE STYLE polymers
Create Innovative Hair Care and Styling Products—the Natural Way 1/12/2011  Hair Care; Hair Styling 
At AkzoNobel Global Personal Care we will show you how to use more natural ingredients and create more sustainable products for your hair care and styling portfolio. From shampoos and conditioners to styling gels and mousses, we can show you how to use naturally derived polymers and surfactants to create more natural and sustainable products with the high performance the consumer demands.
General Hair Care Brochure 12/15/2009  Hair Care; Hair Styling 
AkzoNobel’s surfactants meet today’s demand for high performance in sulfate free systems. Mild nonionic, anionic, cationic, and amphoteric surfactants open the door for hair care formulations.
Film-Forming Polymer Improves Water Resistance 10/20/2009  Sun Care 
This paper will discuss an  innovative polymer film-forming technology that has  demonstrated the ability to provide formulators with the  freedom to develop effective water-resistant products in a  variety of forms, from traditional creams and lotions to sprayable emulsions with improved spray aesthetics.
Low pH Formulating 11/5/2008  Skin Care 
Low pH systems offer tremendous benefits for anti-acne, anti aging, brightening, and self tanners.  However formulating stable, aesthetically pleasing products continues to provide challenges.  In this webinar we present strategies to aid in formulating for this valuable growing segment.
Meeting Consumer Needs in Water-Resistant Sunscreens 3/27/2008  Sun Care 
Together with film-forming polymers, a novel thickener affords greater utilization of inorganic UV filters in water-resistant sunscreen products.
Beautiful & BeyondTM Hair Care 5/24/2007  Hair Care 
Beautiful and Beyond is a research-based technology and formulating initiative that focuses on delivering increasingly long-lasting performance in tested consumer-pleasing personal care products.
CurlScience® 3/10/2004  Hair Care; Hair Styling 
CurlScience, Innovation for Curly Hair - It’s a technology and product development initiative that delivers innovation to the next generation of consumer products designed to meet the needs of people with curly hair.
Freezing and Thawing in the Sun 2/26/2003  Skin Care 
This is the first contribution in a quarterly scientific editorial designed to provide insight into cosmetic and personal care product relevant physical/chemical phenomena in a light and (hopefully) entertaining format.  The first contribution deals with instability of emulsion products towards freeze/thaw cycling, and some ways to solve this problem.