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Maltodextrin/VP Copolymer

CAS Number



Africa;Asia Pacific;Europe;Latin America;North America


BIOSTYLE™ CGP polymer is a naturally-derived hair fixative polymer designed especially for use in styling products including clear hair gels, spray gels, creams, lotions and mousses. BIOSTYLE CGP polymer provides the features of exceptional clarity and consumer preferred rheology that are normally associated with synthetic fixative polymers, yet BIOSTYLE CGP polymer contains more than 50% renewable content. A proprietary hybrid polymer comprised of maltodextrin and vinyl pyrrolidone, BIOSTYLE CGP polymer represents a new way for formulators to create more natural and sustainable styling products while maintaining cost-in-use targets and without any sacrifice of performance properties.


Ethnic Hair; Hair Gel; Moisturizer; Mousse; Skin Cream And Lotion; Styling Product


Film Former


Tariff Code  3905998000 
USA (TSCA)  Yes 
CIR Review Status  Not Reviewed 
Canada  DSL 
Europe  Polymers of EINECS listed monomers 
Korea  No 
Australia  Yes 
New Zealand  Yes 
Japan  No 

Packaging and Storage

Shelf Life  24 months 
Standard Packaging Size  450 lbs / 204 kgs 
Type of Container  Plastic Drum 
Packaging Disclaimer  Please contact your local sales office or distributor to confirm available packaging size. 
Units per pallet US 



Type Name / Description Date Category
BIOSTYLE® Brochure 4/10/2017  Hair Styling 
Featuring AkzoNobel’s film formers: BIOSTYLE® CGP and BIOSTYLE® XH.
Create high-performing styling products in a more natural way with a unique innovation that combines the best of synthetic performance and sustainable technology in one polymer.
Enhancing Sustainability 3/18/2014  Hair Care; Hair Styling; Skin Care; Sun Care 
In this presentation we illustrate examples of more environmentally responsible solutions within Personal Care ingredients. Understand the process for development and the assessment of environmental impact that guides our efforts as we create more sustainable solutions for Personal Care.
Male Fundamentals Presentation 5/28/2013  Hair Styling 
The market for men’s styling products is booming. Pomades, putties, waxes, creams and gels are the latest in the rapid development of male-targeted personal care products. Learn about the testing AkzoNobel has done to meet the regional consumer demands.
Sustainable Styling Solutions 3/6/2013  Hair Care; Hair Styling 
This presentation will show you how to bring a greener touch to your hair styling products. Based on new biopolymers that were designed with nature in mind, Sustainable Solutions for Styling provides the formulator with three new choices for creating styling products with a greener profile and real consumer appeal.
Clear. Natural. Affordable. Sustainable solutions for styling 5/15/2012  Hair Styling 
Learn how you can provide clear, natural, affordable styling products with BIOSTYLE CGP, AMAZE XT and STRUCTURE STYLE polymers
BIOSTYLE™ CGP Polymer: A New Option for Sustainable Styling Products 11/8/2011  Hair Styling 
Learn about a unique innovation that combines the best of synthetic performance and sustainable technology in one polymer. We call it BIOSTYLE™ CGP polymer, and soon you'll be calling it an ingredient you can't do without. 
BIOSTYLE™ CGP 产品手册 11/1/2011  Hair Styling 
特别推荐阿克苏诺贝尔最新的聚合物:BIOSTYLE™ CGP。 以更加天然的方式创造晶莹透明的啫喱!