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​Our Library contains papers and articles about our products and technologies, formulating techniques, and consumer solutions. Here you will find presentations in streaming video or PDF format.
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BIOSTYLE™ XH Polymer Presentation
Create sparkling clear styling products in a more natural way. Discover BIOSTYLE™ XH polymer - an amazing new polymer for clear, hard holding products that promises to change the way you formulate styling aids.
10/29/2014 Hair Styling
New BALANCE® RCF Polymer for Maximum Styling Versatility
In this presentation, discover BALANCE® RCF polymer—a unique new fixative and rheology modifier for style that stands out. Craft crystal-clear gels, create a variety of textures, and experience a new level of performance.
5/7/2014 Hair Styling
Dry Shampoo – Formulating for Added Benefits and Consumer Appeal
In this webinar we illustrate examples of dry shampoo formulations, from simple refreshing systems, to products that texturize, style and volumize. When you finish, you’ll understand the tips and tricks behind the ingredients, the art and the science of dry shampoo.
4/9/2014 Hair Care
Enhancing Sustainability
In this presentation we illustrate examples of more environmentally responsible solutions within Personal Care ingredients. Understand the process for development and the assessment of environmental impact that guides our efforts as we create more sustainable solutions for Personal Care.
3/18/2014 Hair Care; Hair Styling; Skin Care; Sun Care
Sustainable Conditioning Agents
This presentation discusses the revolutionizing performance and enhancing sustainability of Armocare® VGH-70 and Arquad® PC SV-60 PG cationic conditioning agents. These products are naturally derived, versatile, and multi-functional ingredients for use in personal care applications including hair and skin care.
12/4/2013 Hair Care; Hair Styling; Skin Care
Sustainable Styling Solutions
This presentation will show you how to bring a greener touch to your hair styling products. Based on new biopolymers that were designed with nature in mind, Sustainable Solutions for Styling provides the formulator with three new choices for creating styling products with a greener profile and real consumer appeal.
3/6/2013 Hair Care; Hair Styling
STRUCTURE® PQ-37 Polymer Presentation
Learn how the STRUCTURE PQ-37 rheology modifiers can enhance the performance of skin care, hair care, and styling products.
1/17/2013 Hair Care; Hair Styling; Skin Care; Sun Care
Introducing RECENTIA® CS Plant Serum Fraction
Derived from a living plant source, RECENTIA CS captures the synergy that exists within the plant cell and targets multiple biological pathways responsible for skin aging. It offers unparalleled benefits: potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and photo-stabilization activity. In this webinar you’ll learn about the unique therapeutic benefits of RECENTIA CS plant serum fraction.
5/2/2012 Skin Care; Sun Care
Zeta Fraction™ Technology: Nature's Potential Unlimited
In this introductory webinar, we'll explore Zeta Fraction technology in full and provide you insights into the limitations associated with traditional plant extraction and the benefits of Zeta Fraction technology over plant extracts. We will review our sustainable supply chain and data that substantiates the story.
4/3/2012 Hair Care; Skin Care; Sun Care
For Improved Aesthetics.....Discover DRY-FLO® TS Starch
Discover DRY-FLO TS starch and explore the possibilities that are contained in this unique and sustainable starch. Learn more about the benefits of our new DRY-FLO TS starch as we detail its unique chemistry, end-use applications, and performance characteristics.
2/14/2012 Hair Care; Hair Styling; Skin Care; Sun Care