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​Our Library contains papers and articles about our products and technologies, formulating techniques, and consumer solutions. Here you will find presentations in streaming video or PDF format.
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Improved Sun Protection, Multi-talented Film Formers
Test results demonstrate that Dermacryl E and Dermacryl 2.0, two new film-forming polymers developed by AkzoNobel Personal Care, will allow formulators to create effective sun care products.
4/15/2014 Sun Care
A Bright Future for Sun Protection Products
Discusses current trends and the future of sun protection products.
4/1/2014 Sun Care
New starch ingredient for elegant products
Explore the advantages of a biodegradable new starch with pleasant aesthetics that is designed to be used in a wide variety of formulations.
1/15/2014 Skin Care; Sun Care
Applying the Power of Living Tea Plant
Tea plant, Camellia sinensis, may help address skin health from within and from without.  The ingredient, Recentia® CS, which was developed for potential personal care applications from living Camellia sinensis via Zeta Fraction™ technology, and its multifunctional activities were previously described by Koganov et al. in the November 2012 issue of Personal Care magazine.  ”Applying the power of living tea plant”  encompasses the continuing research regarding applying the power of living tea plant for functional drinks, which can potentially support the ‘beauty from within’ concept; and for topical personal care formulations with antioxidant properties. In addition, this paper contains the comparative evaluations of drink preparations based on this ingredient vs .traditional green and black tea preparations and commercial tea-based drinks.
4/15/2013 Skin Care
Influence of Skin Diffuse Reflectance on Sun Damage and Ingredient Efficacy Measurements
Current in vitro methods to assess photostability and antioxidant activity do not account for the diffuse reflectance of skin. Described here is an in vitro test that addresses this variable, mimics end-use product conditions and models photodamage processes.
3/1/2013 Skin Care
Managing the Effects of Photoageing of Skin
This article highlights how Recentia® CS from living Camellia sinensis (Tea) plant is able to demonstrate through laboratory in vitro testing multiple activities working together to protect the skin against root causes of skin photoaging.
11/15/2012 Skin Care; Sun Care
Make the Most of Mousse with Styling Polymers for High-Performance Formulations
Learn to create multifunctional mousse products designed to meet the needs of today's consumer.
10/1/2012 Hair Styling
DERMACRYL® 79 Comparative Analysis on
When it comes to ethanol-based sunscreen sprays, DERMACRYL 79 polymer provides unmatchable water resistance, uniform dispersion of sunscreen actives and enhances moisturization. Want to know more? Read our comparative analysis between DERMACRYL 79 polymer and another popular film former. This article is also featured on
3/12/2012 Skin Care; Sun Care
Formulating for the European Market
This article focuses on the increasing demand by European consumers for sunscreen sprays.  Consumers are attracted to these spray products for their sun protection needs because they are easy to use and provide superior coverage.  AkzoNobel’s film forming polymers are perfectly suited for use in spray applications to meet consumers’ growing demand for sprayable sun protection products.
6/28/2010 Skin Care; Sun Care
Get a New Perspective on Styling with DYNAMX® H2O Polymer
Discover our newest styling polymer and get a new perspective on styling. We invite you to learn more about the formulating options that are possible with new DYNAMX H2O polymer. Learn new ways to combine excellent, long-lasting hold, humidity resistance with flexible, movable, natural hair feel and achieve new levels of performance in styling products. Innovative and exciting formulations are within your reach with DYNAMX H2O polymer. Learn more at our upcoming webinar; give us just thirty minutes of your time and we’ll give you a fresh and innovative new perspective on styling.
6/16/2010 Hair Styling