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About Us

Ingredients and insight that inspire innovation
The science that drives your success

Our technologies and expertise deliver the essential functionalities you need to create the finest personal care products globally.

Our scientific approach to innovation and best-in-class technologies is the backbone of our ingredient development, which aims to deliver the essential functionalities you need to meet major formulation challenges. Our core technologies include: Starches, Polyquaterniums, Quats,  Synthetic Polymers, Surfactants, and Urea-derivatives.

Essential functionalities
Our aesthetic modifiers, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, film-formers, emulsifiers, cleansing and active agents provide you with easy-to-use, multifunctional ingredients for formulating innovative and more sustainable products. We strive to help you set the standard for performance and consumer appeal.

Our insight and collaborative approach has helped personal care companies launch and enhance several leading brands worldwide for many years. Our knowledgeable sales and technical teams are keen to help you quickly identify solutions within our portfolio of functionalities that best meet your formulation needs.

Finest personal care products
We help customers create efficient products with sensorial characteristics that match consumer expectations by consistently supplying high-quality and technologically advanced ingredients. We use market intelligence to identify consumer benefits and trends, and then translate that into new formulations solutions.

Global reach
AkzoNobel is a reliable supplier and a trusted partner. We serve our customers’ global and local needs by leveraging our global manufacturing footprint, dedicated global account teams and regional technical support.

Where science is a thing of beauty™  
Science is at the core of what we do and through science we help our customers provide beauty for hair care, hair styling, skin care, and sun care products. AkzoNobel continues to invest substantially in a broad range of services that support these ingredients with top technical service and sophisticated formulating capability. Our ability to leverage these services and technologies, provides new and innovative solutions for the beauty industry.