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Cationic Surfactant Technologies

We recognize sustainable surfactant technology is more than a trend.

It’s reinventing and evolving the nature of our science.

We’ve developed unique ingredients derived from widely available renewable resources to create sustainable surfactants that are essential, effective, efficient and easy to work with.

Create personal care products that do more than just cleanse and condition. Take your formulations to the next level of performance and consumer appeal with ARMOCARE® VGH-70 and ARQUAD® PC SV-60 PG, unique and highly sustainable cationic conditioning agents from AkzoNobel Personal Care.

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  • Refresh - Conditioning Shampoo
  • Relax - Cleansing Conditioner
  • Release - Detangling Spray
  • Relish - Conditioning Body Lotion
  • Revamp – Volumizing Conditioner
  • Revive - Conditioning Hair Mask

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