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Meet the challenges of today’s
sun care marketplace

Create a broad range of innovative sun care products that effectively protect against UV radiation. With new DERMACRYL® film forming polymers, you’ll formulate products with high SPF values, broad-spectrum protection, and enhanced water and rub-off resistance. DERMACRYL® film forming polymers also help you meet the demand for products that are convenient and easy to use, as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

DERMACRYL® E for Sunscreen Emulsions
DERMACRYL® E (INCI: Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer) is a waterproofing, film-forming polymer that provides excellent SPF performance and feel on skin with reduced tackiness in emulsion sun care products. It provides superior water resistance in products ranging from daily wear moisturizers to SPF 50+ sun protection formulations.

DERMACRYL® E polymer is designed for use in a broad range of emulsion sun care products, including recreational sun protection products; daily-wear moisturizers with SPF; tinted sun protection products; color cosmetics; and creams and lotions for face, hands and body.

DERMACRYL® 2.0 for Ethanol-based Sunscreens
DERMACRYL® 2.0 (INCI: Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer) is a waterproofing film-former designed to enable formulators to address the growing challenges presented in formulating ethanol-based sun protection products. Continuous sprays and other ethanol-based sun care products, including pump sprays and gels provide quick application along with ease of use and convenience, which encourages regular and repeated use. DERMACRYL® 2.0 polymer helps you create products that provide high SPF, uniform application, good durability and water resistance, and still feature pleasing, non-tacking aesthetic properties.

In-vivo performance testing of DERMACRYL® 2.0 polymer has shown that it enables higher SPF (static and VWR) in both SPF 30 and SPF 50+ systems. It provides excellent water-resistant film formation and barrier properties while displaying low tack, for pleasing product aesthetics. With DERMACRYL® 2.0 polymer, formulators can create broad-spectrum, high-SPF ethanol-based sun care products that are durable and long-lasting without being tacky or sticky.

Trust DERMACRYL polymers to help you deliver a range of product that really shine with today's consumer

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  • DERMACRYL AQF: Supplied as an aqueous emulsion, is ideal for aqueous sunscreen emulsions
  • DERMACRYL C: For use in mascara and liquid eyeliner
  • DERMACRYL E: New film former for excellent feel in emulsion systems
  • DERMACRYL 79: Excellent for water resistant, alcohol-based sunscreens and longer wear color cosmetic and fragrance applications
  • DERMACRYL 2.0: Next generation film former for alcohol-based sunscreens