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Master the essentials of dry shampoos

with AkzNobel starches and film formers

Dry Shampoo: Formulating for added benefits and consumer appeal
For years dry shampoo has made a serious case for convenient cleansing as it provides the functional cleansing benefits without the wash, rinse, repeat routine, and directly ties into consumers' ease of use expectations. However, today's consumers want and expect more than just cleansing from their dry shampoo. AkzoNobel is here to help formulators answer that call. With the right choice of ingredients, we'll we can help you add a wide range of benefits such as volumizing, texturizing, and even color touch up to these products, allowing for broader marketing and further growth in the category.
Start with a starch...
Choosing the right aesthetic modifier is essential to formulating a successful and desirable dry shampoo. Our range of native and modified starches provide the options you need to deliver convenient cleansing. Our starches provide not only excellent oil adsorbency, they also help enhance product aesthetics by reducing the greasiness and tackiness in formulations, and impart soft feel and easy brush out with less whitening on hair.
 Then add benefits...
Combined with our trusted film formers and formulating expertise, AkzoNobel can elevate the appeal of your dry shampoo formulations-whether you're formulating for mousse, areosol or dry powder format. Our range of highly efficient and effective film-forming polymers enable formulators to create a variety of performance properties including flexible to firm hold, volumizing, texuturizing, humidity resistance and even color touch up, such as AMPHOMER® polymer and BALANCE® 47 polymer.

Featured Formulations

Explore sample dry shampoo formulations with added benefits by AkzoNobel.

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