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ElfaMoist® AC Humectant

Non-tacky, high-performance humectant for deep, instant and long-lasting moisturization, even after one application.


AkzoNobel’s latest innovative skincare ingredient provides the personal care industry with the ability to meet consumers demand for long-lasting and high-performance products without the negative sensory impact of other humectants. 

ElfaMoist® AC humectant is an effective new active that easily penetrates inside the skin (stratum corneum), delivers and increases hydration keeping skin moisturized for over 30 hours, even after one application. Equally important, ElfaMoist AC humectant performs exceptionally without showing disruption to the skin barrier, making it safe and gentle on the skin.

With ElfaMoist AC humectant, formulators can create the finest skin care products in a wide variety of leave-on as well as rinse-off products.
Key benefits for formulators

• High moisturizing efficacy (instant and over 30 hours)
• Effective penetration and deposition properties with no disruption to the skin barrie 
• Non-sticky, easily spreadable aesthetics
• pH and hydrolytic stability
• 100% active (as supplied)
• Easy to formulate, liquid form
• Synergistic effect with other humectants
• Compatible with most commonly used ingredients
• Does not impact the color of your formulation
• Can be used  in higher concentrations for deeper skin hydration without sticky feel
• Preservative free
• Nitrosamine free

Key benefits for consumers: 
During Application 
• Great absorbance
• Lubricity in skin feel
• Excellent spreadability

After Application
• Lack of stickiness/tackiness
• Highly effective skin hydration
• Instant and long-lasting moisturization (over 30 hours)