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AG™ 6202

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Asia Pacific;Latin America;North America


AG™ 6202 is a low foaming alkyl glucoside, non-ionic surfactant, based on a short chain fatty alcohol and glucose.


Drilling - Water Based Muds


Degreaser; Alkali Stable; Low Foaming; Dispersing Agent; Foam inhibition; Wetting Agent; Hydrotrope / Co-surfactant; Defoamers


Parameter Limits Method
pH  6 - 8   
Moisture  33 - 37 %   
Appearance  Liquid at 30°C   
Free alcohol  1% max.   
Typical Data
Chemical and Physical Data Typical Value
Color  10 Gardner (1963) 
Density  1.15 g/cc at 20°C 
Viscosity  265(25), 160(30) cp (C) 
Flash point  >100 C 
Activity  65 % 
Appearance  Liquid/Paste at 25°C 
Solubility Typical Value
Ethanol  Insoluble 
Low aromatic solvent  Insoluble 
Propylene glycol  Soluble 
White spirit  Insoluble 
Xylene  Insoluble 
2-propanol  Insoluble 
Surface Active Characteristics Typical Value
Surface Tension according to Du Noüy, 25°C, 0.1% DIN 53914  33.4 mN/m 
HLB value  >20 (Davies scale 0-40) 
Foam Height according to Ross-Miles, 50°C, 0.05%  Immediatley: 8, after 5min: 0 
Typical data are based on our own measurements or derived from the literature. They do not constitute part of the delivery specifications.