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Active in regulatory matters

Being a large, responsible company AkzoNobel puts substantial efforts in regulatory matters not only to secure compliance according to the requirements of today but also for tomorrow.
The company takes active part in supporting improvement of the legislation both via industry organizations and taking part in various forums together with various authorities. The company has a huge experience from work, often in leading positions, in large number consortia i.e. related to REACH as well as other regulations such as the EU Feed Additive Regulation 1831/2003.
In the field of feed additives, the company is active in FEFANA and a number of national organizations throughout the world. Company representatives regularly meet authority people in various forums to know what’s going on and give professional input.
Bredol products are listed under their technical names in the Community Register of Feed Additives pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 which lists products permitted for use in animal feed. They are also permitted for use in a large number of other countries throughout the world. An importer should however always control the approval status in the actual country prior to use.
The manufacturing unit in Sweden is duly registered at the Swedish Board of Agriculture in accordance with the EU Feed Hygiene Regulation 183/2005. Compliance with the regulation is secured through a FAMI-QS certified system for quality and safety.