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Nukamel and AkzoNobel agree on global partnership

AkzoNobel and Nukamel have formed a global partnership to combine their strengths in marketing Volamel Extra emulsifier. AkzoNobel contributes leadership in emulsifying technology plus a strong geographical presence, while Nukamel draws on 60 years of expertise in nutritional applications for young or just born animals.

“The synergies between our companies spur continued innovation and ensure our long-term commitment to supplying high-quality nutritional emulsifier to the feed industry,” said Jan Druyts, Managing Director, Nukamel.

Volamel Extra relies on the unique combination of AkzoNobel’s Bredol® technology with Nukamel’s experience in producing spray-cooled emulsified powders and its know-how in animal nutrition. This nutritional emulsifier, the most hydrophilic non-ionic emulsifier on the market, improves fat digestibility and feed efficiency. Usage of Volamel Extra in poultry, pig, ruminant and fish diets results in a high return on investment.

“Our collaboration extends beyond mutual marketing through the extensive distribution networks of both AkzoNobel and Nukamel,” said Viktoria Lindstrand, Global Marketing and Sales Manager, Feed Additives, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry. “Our mutual research and development of Volamel Extra constitute an essential part of our partnership.”

Fats and oils in diets are essential but costly
The digestive system of young animals is immature and, hence, not adapted to consume and digest large amounts of fats and oils. However, as nutritionists worldwide know, fats and oils are essential to produce energy-dense feeds that maximize performance and feed efficiency. Due to competing market pressures on raw materials, the feed industry must economize on the use of fats and oils in diets. In this global context, a nutritional emulsifier that improves fat digestibility and, consequently, maximizes the use of energy in the feed clearly demonstrates its value through its cost-reducing impact.

About Nukamel
Nukamel is a Belgian-Dutch company with 60 years of experience in the development of nutritional solutions for young and suckling animals based on dairy ingredients. Nukamel has a solid foundation with global reach by means of production locations in Belgium and The Netherlands and a strong global presence in 55 countries. We passionately support a diverse and extended customer basis including many of the top 20 feed companies in the world with our unique and personal approach.

With own R&D facilities, Nukamel continuously brings forth innovative feed solutions adapted to various feeding systems for high performing production animals such as calves, piglets, lambs, goats, poultry and companion animals. Our nutritional knowhow is reflected in three product lines – calf milk replacers, piglet feed and nutritional emulsifier – with strong market anchorage under well-known brand names as Nukamel, Fokkamel, Nukamix and Volamel Extra.

Demographic, economic and technological changes act as drivers for continuous research and development of innovative feed solutions common to Nukamel’s vision. Part of this vision is to continue sharing our expertise on the art of growing through solid partnerships and profound knowledge of markets to support farmers worldwide in their mission to feed a growing world population. For more information, please visit:

About AkzoNobel and Surface Chemistry business unit
AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. We supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers. Our portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International and Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we are consistently ranked as one of the leaders in the area of sustainability. With operations in more than 80 countries, our 50,000 people around the world are committed to delivering leading products and technologies to meet the growing demands of our fast-changing world.

Surface Chemistry is a business unit of AkzoNobel, employing over 1900 people in 50 countries. Based in Chicago, US, with regional marketing centers and R&D facilities in United States, Brazil, Singapore, India, China and Sweden, we are a leading supplier of specialty surfactants and synthetic and bio-polymers additives. We serve a wide range of industries including home and personal care, agrochemicals, asphalt, mining, and oilfield.