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Bredol, high performing feed emulsifiers

Bredol is is the trademark of AkzoNobel’s high performing feed  emulsifiers. It stands for top class products, know-how, quality and safety.
Product and  application development for different fields like pelleting, extrusion, milk replacers, liquid systems  and many other applications continuously takes place, often through cooperation between customers and our  R&D unit placed at the same location as the production unit. In order to secure the efficacy, not only in the laboratory and our customers’ manufacturing sites but also on farm, numerous of production and feeding trials are performed in different parts of the world.
The first product of this type was developed in the seventies. On top of developing a superior molecule we discovered that the shape of our manufacturing equipment in Stenungsund, Sweden, was particularly suitable for production of this kind of emulsifiers. It was possible to obtain an extra ordinary powerful spontaneous emulsification with minimum energy input (even without stirring). This emulsifier opened up the possibility to produce calf milk replacers at lower cost processes, with more flexibility as to selection of raw materials and even with higher performance than before.
Since then, further process development has continuously taken place for new improvements in term of efficiency and stability, the latter by developing an effective protection against oxidation in order to avoid the risk of unexpected efficiency disturbances at our customers.
Since the company has full control over all disciplines along the chain it is a tradition to work in cross functional groups to obtain optimal solutions to customer demands with full attention to efficacy, quality and safety. HACCP method of working was introduced at an early stage and the operation is FAMI-QS certified.