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Bredol emulsifier technology opens up a multitude of technical opportunities bringing values in productions as well as on the farm.
Our technology for animal feed is primarily involved in enabling two immiscible substances such as fat and water to mix or work together without problems.
There are many obstacles both in production and handling that we can solve. Not infrequently both physical and nutritional benefits are achieved, resulting in improved profitability for the users. Typical benefits are lower energy consumption, capacity increase, improved pellet quality, better sinkability of fish feed and easier reconstitution of milk replacers leading to higher performance in calf feeding.
During more than 30 years in this business we have built up a wide range of expertise and equipment to run continuous development and technical support aimed at improving efficiency and economy for our customers.
This development has resulted in several patented inventions.
Applications where Bredol Emulsifier technology is utilized include pelleting, extrusion typically for aquaculture feed and pet food, flaking, calf milk replacers and different liquid applications such as liquid vitamins, wet feeding, molasses emulsions and various specialties. Many times customized solutions are created meeting specific needs.
Our experience includes that circumstances can vary beyond our control and careful testing should always be performed in limited scale by the user prior to full scale use in any application.