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Other applications

for Bredol emulsifier technology

There are many other applications where Bredol emulsifier technology is favorably utilized in addition to the ones more specifically outlined on this website, for example:

  • Flaking; improving production capacity and regulating flake thickness
  • Liquid feeding; reducing the risk of fat lumps blocking pumps and pipes and improving nutrient distribution
  • Organic acid formulations, improving surface activity
  • Molasses, making emulsions for increased energy density, regulating viscosity, shiny pellets for horses
  • Pigments; improving dispersion and solubility
  • Essential oils; micro emulsions for water solubility
  • Pre-mixture production; reducing dust formation, adding desirable surface active effects
  • Nutritional supplements; improving solubility and availability of nutritional substances
  • Bolus production,; coating and surface lubrication

There are a multitude of possibilities also in excess of what’s described here. If you are facing a problem where you imagine that surface activity could be a solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.