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Milk replacers

Favourable effects with Bredol emulsifiers in calf milk replacers

Bredol emulsifiers has beyond a strong emulsifying effect also other surface tension reducing properties like foam reduction, improved wetting, dust reducing and dispersion improvement that is useful in milk replacers.

The powerful emulsification properties of Bredol emulsifiers are mainly utilized in milk replacers produced by spraying fat on powders; “Dry process”. It meets the requirement for formation of small evenly distributed fat particles when reconstitution at the farm is done.  It means that a larger surface of the lipids become available for enzymatic activity in the digestive tract. Usually Bredol emulsifiers are used in combination with lecithin but for cases where lecithin free formulas are desirable, like for GMO free milk replacers, excellent results will be obtained by using Bredol emulsifier alone at elevated dosage.

  • In milk replacers based on vegetable proteins Bredol can improve the dispersion and solubility of the powder reducing the sedimentation leading to improved results on feeding.
  • Bredol emulsifiers are also used in low dosages in spray fat concentrates.
  • For instantisation of milk replacers based on spray fat concentrates, Bredol products are added via lipid mixtures.
  • Certain Bredol products have strong antifoam effect and are added either as a powder put on carrier, via a pre-mixture or via an oil mixture.
  • Dust problems can be prevented by using Bredol emulsifiers which has antistatic effect.
Milk replacer producers often store emulsifiers in tanks which are refilled many times without cleaning in between. Emulsifiers are based on oil and oxidation is the biggest threat for the shelf life.. It’s of particular value that Bredol emulsifiers are produced with a special protection against oxidation to avoid the risk of reduced emulsifying effect caused by the same.