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Micro emulsions for vitamins

Bredol emulsifiers for stable emulsions

It is possible to mix fat soluble vitamins with water in form of a micro emulsion. With the right dosage of Bredol emulsifier the emulsion will be storage stable and mixable with water in any ratio.
Clear emulsions are traditionally produced with classical Bredol vitamin emulsifiers using the same ratio of emulsifier or more, as the vitamin, depending on the requirements.
A new economical concept has been developed making  it possible to produce stable emulsions using a lower concentration of a Bredol emulsifier with specific properties. The emulsions will be milky to clear depending on the amount of emulsifier added. This product could be used for all fat soluble vitamins and a co emulsifier is not needed.
Vitamin emulsions are mixed directly into water or sprayed on pellets through a post addition system to avoid heat degradation in the pelleting process.
Emulsions can be produced with one vitamin separately or several mixed together.