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Economic production of extruded feed with Bredol emulsifier

The use of Bredol emulsifier in the extrusion process gives considerable benefits. Significant increase of capacity utilization and reduced energy consumption are common effects. Furthermore pellet quality as well as pigmentation and sinkability of fish feed can be improved.
The water is better distributed and absorbed which improves the conditioning in the meal. The amount of water needed for the extrusion process can be reduced which means lower drying costs and better finished product quality. The possibility of adding water and oil in emulsion form means improved distribution of both liquids.
An improved plastic effect is achieved which leads to smooth production without variability and better extruder capacity. In many cases it is possible to increase the production speed considerably. Apart from increasing capacity there is added flexibility to produce feed of desired density. This can influence the floating characteristics of aqua culture feed and permit more consistent package in pet foods.
The use of liquid components becomes easier with Bredol emulsifier. Fat and water and other ingredients form a fine mix which will be evenly distributed and absorbed in the meal leading smoother production. High viscosity products become more manageable. Micro ingredients become better dispersed or dissolved and better utilized. Practically the addition can be achieved through on line mixing or via a tank with homogenizer.
Additional effects can be obtained through after treatment. Digest can be stabilized improving the palatability of pet food. Pigment solubility can be improved. Sinkability of fish feed can be improved through coating with Bredol emulsifier with strong wetting properties, either as such or via oil mix. More details are given in the extrusion brochure.