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Close to you wherever you are

The strength of our organization is our ability to provide a wide range of application solutions to our customers worldwide. We have the ability to help customers deal with complex challenges related to bitumen, aggregate, chemical additives and equipment.

We have application experts in Europe, the Americas, and Asia who work closely with our customers solving their problems and thereby providing the best technical support to our customers globally.
Our chemical production facilities are located in Europe, USA, South America and Asia. Our production sites are ISO certified and guarantee
consistent quality. To support our customers and provide quick deliveries we maintain stock either at central locations in the region or at our local distributors' premises. We are close to you wherever you are!
Our head office is located in Chicago, USA, with regional offices in Sweden and Shanghai. We are represented in most countries by either local agents, distributors or with our own sales offices. For detailed information regarding your closest representative is found in the contact us section of this website.
Our experienced sales force can provide you with recommendations on products and technical advice to most problems and support from our technical service centers is there for you when needed.
Technical service centers and R&D
We have seven laboratories worldwide with two based in Europe, one in the USA, one in Brazil and three in Asia. Our laboratories are there to provide technical support to our customers, to develop formulations and for problem solving using local bitumen and aggregate raw materials. Our two R&D Centers, one in Sweden and one in the USA, specialize in developing new products and technology.
We conduct training seminars and provide training for our customers, road authorities and other relevant agencies both in our own laboratories and on-site at our clients' premises. Our seminars and training sessions are focused on technology transfer and are conducted by our research chemists, lab engineers and application experts.