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R&D around the world

We have seven laboratories worldwide with two based in Europe, one in the USA, one in Brazil and three in Asia. Our laboratories are there to provide technical support to our customers, to develop formulations and for problem solving using local bitumen and aggregate raw materials. Our two R&D Centers, one in Sweden and one in the USA, specialize in developing new products and technology.
We conduct training seminars and provide training for our customers, road authorities and other relevant agencies both in our own laboratories and on-site at our clients' premises. Our seminars and training sessions are focused on technology transfer and are conducted by our research chemists, lab engineers and application experts.
In 2010 AkzoNobel equipped new asphalt laboratories in Brazil, India and Ukraine, and substantially expanded the capabilities of its Swedish R&D Center. The new facilities, which complement the laboratories in China, Singapore and the United States, will provide improved technical support to customers especially in the fast-growing BRIC countries.
The laboratory in Brazil is located at AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry’s production site in the city of Itupeva (near São Paulo). There, Redicote® products are manufactured for the South American market. The local laboratory in Brazil services not only the local market but all our markets in South America. In addition to laboratory test work, we of course offer technical advice in Spanish and Portuguese. Like the other technical service laboratories worldwide, the Itupeva laboratory has a pilot emulsion mill supplied by Denimotech in Denmark and a laser particle sizer, and is fully equipped for slurry surfacing mix design.
AkzoNobel, through the former ICI, has a long history in India, dating back to 1911, and today has a strong presence primarily with business units Coatings and Surface Chemistry. The asphalt laboratory is located at AkzoNobel’s Research and Technology Centre in Navi Mumbai, about 10 miles east of the city of Mumbai.
AkzoNobel has expanded its European R&D center, located in Stenungsund, Sweden, with a 300m2 laboratory dedicated to asphalt mixes. The facility is the worldwide focal point for research on hot, warm and cold mixes. A variety of compaction techniques and equipment, including a new plate compactor, are possible. In addition, compacted specimens can be evaluated using a Nottingham Asphalt Tester, an Infratest Wheel Tracking Test Apparatus, the Hamburg Wheel Test and the Indirect Tensile Test.
The laboratory is equipped with core drilling and sawing capabilities, so a wide range of samples can be prepared for the various tests.
AkzoNobel inaugurated its local service laboratory in Lviv, Ukraine, in June 2010, in a partnership with its local distributor Prologue Ltd. Since then, our emulsion and hot mix customers have been provided with technical support in all matters concerning the use of Redicote® emulsifiers and Wetfix ® adhesion promoters.
In addition to Ukrainian customers, the lab is providing technical service to customers based in neighboring countries. The lab is furnished with equipment of the same standard as other AkzoNobel laboratories, including a SEP 0.3 research emulsion plant. This ensures a high quality in the service and facilitates cooperation and correlation between our various laboratories.