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Latin America;North America


Rediset® WMX-8017A is an additive fo hot and warm mixes. Rediset® WMX-8017A allows a reduction in mixing and paving temperatures while providing built in anti-stripping effect. Lower Mix Temperature: Rediset® WMX-8017A allows the asphalt mixing temperature to be reduced by 20-35°C (35-65°F) while ensuring good coating and workability. Lower Paving and Compaction Temperature: Rediset® WMX-8017A allows a reduction in paving and compaction temperatures, hence reduces fumes associated with hot asphalt paving. Adhesion: Mixes prepared with Rediset® WMX-8017A meet moisture resistance requirements without the need for additional liquid adhesion promoter, lime or cement. Ease of use: The free flowing pastillated product can be added either to the asphalt or directly into the mixer. Use: 1-2% by weight of bitumen is recommended, which should be determined in laboratory tests. Rediset® WMX-8017A can be added to the asphalt at the terminal or at the hot mix plant. It dissolves easily in hot asphalt without the need for high shear mixing device. The product is suitable for all bitumen grades including polymer modified and tire rubber modified binders..


Warm Mix


Warm Mix

Packaging and Storage

Storage and Handling  Rediset® WMX-8017A should be stored under cover, protected against rain and direct sunlight. Rediset® WMX-8017A is irritating to skin and eyes. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn when handling this product. For further information, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.