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Indoor parking at Sweden’s new national arena paved using Rediset®LQ

PEAB, the builder and one of the owners of the new national arena in Stockholm, Sweden selected AkzoNobel’s Rediset LQ-1102CE product when paving the multi story parking garage. Rediset LQ-1102CE is especially suitable for this kind of paving since it improves mix workability during manual handling and reduces fumes and emissions. Two important factors for semi indoor paving.
“When talking to the paving crews I got a lot of positive feedback such as; the mix is much easier to work with compared to a standard mix produced at 165°C, it takes compaction very well, shows no signs of cracking and is less sticky to asphalt rakes and other equipment ”, says Tomas Svensson, Account Manager for AkzoNobel Asphalt Applications. “A general comment was also that it really improves the working environment with less smoke and fumes” he continues.
When using Rediset LQ products as a warm-mix additive when paving asphalt,  this can be done at significantly lower temperatures than with regular hot-mixes. The temperature reduction means less fuel consumption, saving energy and money.

The Rediset LQ-1102CE-mix used at the national arena is produced at 150-155°C in PEAB Asfalt’s plant close to Arlanda airport and then
transported to the arena using two trucks. On site it’s unloaded into an open container with a plastic cover. The mix temperature measured
with a probe is around 140°C inside the container. The mix is then transported with five small excavators up to the second and third floor
where it is unloaded and paved manually with asphalt rakes at a temperature around 120°C. The final step is compaction using a 1,5 ton
roller without vibration. A small vibrating plate compactor is also used occasionally. The three paving crews pave ~100 tons/day so estimated
time to complete the job is 3 weeks.
PEAB Asfalt, first started a trial with Rediset LQ-1102CE in July. The first tests showing very promising results for compaction and adhesion has led to a decision to start using the product on a regular basis at one of the production plants. “It’s great to see paving done at traditional summer production temperature this late in the year, it really is a breakthrough when it comes to extending the paving season” Tomas Svensson concludes.