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Redicote E-4900

gives high quality emulsions at low emulsifier dosage

​AkzoNobel’s Redicote® E-4900 is a 100% active high viscosity building liquid Cationic Rapid Set (CRS) emulsifier that gives high quality emulsions at low emulsifier dosage.

Redicote E-4900
  • saves binder costs by enabling our customers to meet their CRS viscosity requirements with the minimum binder content
  • gives fine particle size in the CRS emulsion with a typical median particle size below 4 microns at emulsifier dosages between
    0.15-0.25% by weight of emulsion
  • is easy to handle as it is a low viscosity liquid
  • easily disperses in the soap solution which is convenient during soap solution preparation
  • is well suited to meter in during an inline-continuous emulsion plant operation

Redicote E-4900 gives higher demulsibility compared to Redicote E-4819 and lower breaking index compared to Redicote EM24, which should promote faster break in Surface dressing/Chip seal applications.

Redicote E-4900 also gives good adhesion comparable to other emulsifiers such as Redicote EM24.

Please see our brochure for more information: