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Bitumen Emulsifiers
Redicote® is the global brand name for our emulsifiers. With our comprehensive range of Redicote® emulsifiers, the emulsion can be customized to suit your local requirements using local raw materials. Our emulsifiers are used globally and are proven to work with many different kinds of aggregates and bitumen used under all types of climatic conditions.
Adhesion Promoters
Adhesion Promoters create a strong chemical bond between bitumen and aggregate and these bonds are resistant to the action of water which extends the durability of the Asphalt Pavements. The dosage level of Adhesion Promoters is very low. The additional cost of adding an Adhesion Promoter is small compared to the total cost of constructing the pavement thus the extended service life of the asphalt pavement provides big savings in the long run.

Wetfix® is the brand for our range of Adhesion Promoters supplied in Europe and Asia regions.

Redicote® is used for adhesion promoters in a few limited geographical areas and also for some products which find dual use as emulsifiers and adhesion promoters.

Kling Beta® and PermaTac® Adhesion Promoters product ranges have been specially formulated for the needs of the U.S. market and include products for emulsions and cutback bitumen.

Magnabond™ is the trade name for our Adhesion Promoters sold in Latin America.
Warm Mix Applications
Rediset® is the global brand name for our warm mix additives. It is a system that provides certain unique benefits in addition to the general benefits of lowering mixing and compaction temperatures.