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Armid® FMPC

A new solvent for imidacloprid SL

​Good news for formulators facing new environmental regulations that limit the use of N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP): AkzoNobel’s new Armid® FMPC offers an outstanding environmentally-safe replacement for this common solvent.

Armid FMPC is a powerful solubiliser for imidacloprid, and in contrast to NMP, this cutting-edge green solvent is readily biodegradable and has excellent tox and ecotox profiles.

“In addition to being a very effective and versatile solvent, I believe the greatest strength of Armid FMPC is its ecotoxicological profile. Essentially, it’s a valuable alternative to NMP on many levels,” said Roland Vandegaer, Account Manager, Agro Applications, Surface Chemistry Europe.

Armid FMPC has been optimized to ensure good stability of a soluble liquid formulation (SL) containing 200 g/l imidacloprid.  This optimization ensures excellent dilution properties of the SL formulation, preventing crystallization even at low water temperatures.

Though oriented to serve the large imidacloprid market, Armid FMPC is also effective with other active ingredients, such as 2,4-D acid, Dicamba, triazoles and Trifloxystrobin, among others. Based on a morpholine derivative, Armid FMPC has proven highly soluble in many other solvents, especially water, glycols, ethanol, xylene, vegetable and mineral oils.
In June 2011, AkzoNobel introduced this powerful optimized solvent blend to customers during the SurfChem seminar in Crete, Greece.
For more information about AkzoNobel’s new Armid FMPC solvent, please contact us.
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